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We would like to show you some of the many testimonials we receive from some of our Terralift owners and their clients:

To:Jay Pinkston
Denton, TX

We are ecstatic with the results of the Terralift. We keep waiting for things to slow down and back - up, especially with all the rain this weekend, but so far, everything is working great. In fact, things are working better than they ever worked since moving into this house in 1989. (You push the silver lever and everything goes away!) The toilets started to work immediately. The shower needed a good plunging (hair stuck in the drain from when the water wouldn't drain) and has been working perfectly since.

Feel free to use us as a reference. We'd be glad to share our experience with others who are in the same sorry state that we were in up till last week...

Nancy and John Jackson
Southlake, TX


To: Mr. John Ward, owner, Litt'l Johns Septic Service
Dear Mr. Ward:

Please consider this as the strongest possible testimonial for your recent services using the Terralift septic field machine at our home.

As you are aware, my grown daughter, grandson and mother all unexpectedly moved into our home. These additions meant a total of eight family members were using a septic field that was built approximately thirty years ago. The drain field was soon overwhelmed and effluent was leaking out on the road. Thankfully, the winter weather kept the smell from reaching our neighbors.

Estimates to replace our drain field ran from $2,500 to $12,000 depending on soil conditions which had to be tested to comply with very stringent state regulations. We thought we had no choice but to replace our entire drain field. And because we are close to bedrock, our costs were probably going to run between $10,000 and $12,000. My wife was also not very pleased about the destruction of our exsisting lawn during replacement.

My wife and myself were very skeptical when you told us that, at a fraction of the cost of a new drain field, the Terralift system could solve our problems in about one hour and preserve our existing lawn. However, we were desperate and decided to try the procedure.

The Terralift system is Incredible! Every promise you made about this procedure was absolutely true. I don't know exactly how this system works, and quite frankly, I don't care. I just know that Litt'l John's Septic Service and the Terralift system saved our family thousands of dollars, protected our existing landscape and gave us back the complete use of our facilities! We strongly recommend your services and the Terralift system to everyone who may be facing the same drain field failure the we experienced. Believe it or not, it was a real pleasure to write a check for your services with the Terralift system, because it saved us thousands of dollars and it gave us back our piece of mind. Bravo!

Sincerly, Cliff and Debbie Christian
Helena, Montana


The following is an unsolicited testimonial...

Our house is 20 years old with a conventional septic tank system. Over the past 5 years the system has slowly degraded to the point were it was almost unusable. We had to be careful not to flush the toilets immediately after anyone had taken a shower. A day long rain shower would render the downstairs bathrooms unusable. Guests and social events often resulted in embarrassing overflows and with two daughters approaching teenagehood something had to be done.

So it was off to the Yellow Pages to begin the painful process of getting contractor estimates. Only two basic sollutions were offered: massive excavation of the front yard to install new leach fields, or the installation of an aerobic sewage treatment plant. Both solutions were very expensive.

Then we met Mr. Jay Pinkston of Texas Wastewater Treatment. Jay offered an alternative solution, a process called Terralift. The Terralift process revitalizes exsisting leach fields by fracturing the soil between the leach field trenches and injecting the fractures with tiny polystyrene pellets. The process is performed with a small machine about the size of an industrial mowing machine. It has a long narrow probe that penetrates the soil to a depth of six feet. The machine forces compressed air into the soil creating the fractures and then injects the polystyrene pellets to maintain the newly formed passages for percolation.

After viewing a video tape Jay lent us, showing the machine in operation, we decided to go for it. Jay arrived several days later with two assistants. They located the septic tanks and the layout of the leach fields. We opened one of the clean out pipes so that we could see what was happening. The water level was at the top of the clean out pipe. The machine was positioned several yards away from the tank for its first shot. The probe was inserted and the first blast of compressed air was fired. The groung underneath the machine suddenly raised several inches and settled back down. Black water shot up from the clean out pipe. the machine was moved four feet and the process was repeated several more times. I looked in the clean out pipe and could see that the water was already receding. The next several hours were spent following the leach fields with the machine. Even before the process was completed my wife tried the toilets and took a shower. To our amazement everything worked perfectly.

In conclusion I would recommend the Terralift solution to anyone with similar problems. The results I received were amazing, immediate and at a reasonable cost.


To: Jay McBrian President, Terralift

I'm writting to inform you of yet another success story with the Terralift drain field rejuvenation process. We "blasted" our first drain field on October 26,1994. In only eight months time, we have successfully rejuvinated over 350 failing drain fields. No this is not a misprint! We have over 350 satisfied customers and that number continues to grow with each work day. Our customers have been very pleased with the immediate results and tremendous savings they have experienced. The Terralift has not only generated happy customers, it has generated happy owners...

Without a doubt, the Terralift process is the state of the art solution to drain field repairs We have tested the Terralift in every drain field failure possible. Whether it was soil failure, a high water table condition, or even some root bound situations, the Terralift has improved the drainage on every drain field we've blasted. In one instance last year, we blasted a drain field that was completely under water. We literally drove the Terralift through two inches of standing water in order to revive the field, and believe it or not, that particular drain field is still percolating today. We have put the Terralift through every test possible, and it has passed them all.

In today's competitive market, providing professional service at a reasonable cost is what it takes to run a successful business. The Terralift has given us the opportunity to provide our customers with an alternative that saves them money...

Kyle D. Kelly - General Manager, Roto-Rooter


It's nice making excellent returns while being a "hero" to my customers

With Terralift, I do both. In the past year, we've done over fourty jobs with Terralift... We give a two year money-back warranty with our service. If the drainfield ever worked when it was new, we know the Terralift process will restore it.

In fact, our customers are so pleased that more than a third of our new jobs come from referrals by satisfied customers.

I'm such a total advocate of what Terralift does that we've become the dealer for the Rocky Mountain States. During a recent demonstration on a failed system in Colorado, we discovered that the leachfield had been installed with very little gravel in the silt loam. Still, Terralift was able to bring "normal" functional operation to the system.

This machine is the absolute best ... piece of equipment in my inventory, and the best investment I ever made.

John M. (Jack) Ward, Litt'l John's Septic Service, Helena, MT

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