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The Alternative Newsletter
We haven't talked for a while...

And the reason is that Not One Person has sent us a single story, anecdote, suggestion, or even an electronic sausage! Nothing. This does not terribly concern me because if you don't send me anything I only have to write one of these things when I have something to say! So...Once again I remind you that this was to be your newsletter discussing things important to you and your business, so please send me material to reprint in the next issue.

Long Beach '97

Once again Terralift will be at the Pumper and Cleaner Environmental Expo West (Hey, check out the new name! Definitely an improvement!) We will be located at Booth # 5 and TR-1. Demonstrations will be held Thursday and Friday between 3:00 and 3:45 somewhere on the grounds of the show. Hope to see all you West Coasters, and all the rest of you that can make the trip too. Stop by the booth and say hello!

Check Valves

I believe I mentioned in the Trouble Shooting Guide (last issue), that a check valve should be installed at the bottom of your product tank. This stops the beads from clogging the hose running from the half inch solenoid (located on the regulator assembly) to the bottom of your product tank. If you don't have a check valve installed already, remove and check your hose for clogging. This could greatly reduce or stop your bead output. We highly recommend installing one of these valves. The valves are available from Terralift for $38.00. You may order this by filling out the form below.

The Second Annual Terralift Owners Meeting

Yes, we are going to have another meeting in Nashville this coming year. the only problem is that no one has expressed any interest in giving a presentation. Come on guys, John Ward and Zan Iseman had the guts to get up in front of all of you and talk. There has to be one or two of you out there willing to do the same. Don't be a wimp. Think about it. I'll let you know the date and time when we get a bit closer to show time.

News From Around the Country


Dennis Gregory has been instrumental in fighting for and finally receiving approval in the state of Washington for Terralift. He is now working with individual counties and their S.E.O.'s to educate them as to the benifits of Terralift. For a full list of Washington State counties supporting the Terralift, call Dennis at:LDL Enviro Services, 206-952-2188

Finally after much debate and question, the boys at Associated Products have gotten Pennsylvania to make a ruling on Terralift and it goes like this: Until a system has been documented by the state as a failure, it is not a failed system. This means that you can Terralift the field with no problems at all. If it has been documented by the state, then a repair permit would be required. We should be receiving this in writting in a couple of weeks. For up-to-date info on Pennsylvania call: Paul Nelson at 717-766-5397, Ray Erb at 717-626-5591, or Dave Kline at 717-898-8158

Our two new owners in Alaska, Jerry Leach of Eagle River, and Joe Shaw of Denali Sewer in Anchorage, have fought and won a skirmish with thier local board over the monitoring of Terralift jobs they've done. The issue was the cost to the homeowner of the tests. They have reached an equitable compromise for both parties.

This Could Be All About You

Once again I urge you to please send me your stories, anecdotes, or even an electrinic sausage! (If it fits in my copy machine I will print it!) I don't want to be the only one talking in this rag, so.....Please Help!

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