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The only true aerator --- since it uses air---aerates upward from below the root growth zone from depths of as much as twelve inches, promoting faster, deeper, denser root growth.

First, four narrow probes penetrate the soil to depths from six to twelve inches. Air is then forced into the ground at a controllable rate loosening the soil and creating fissures and cracks. Simultaneously, small polystyrene beads (inert, non-toxic and non-biodegradable) are injected into the soil under pressure to support aeration and the percolation of water, oxygen and fertilizer for an extended period with almost no disruption of play.

We treated one-half of this putting green with Aerragreen® After just seven weeks the plug on the left was taken from the area treated with Aerragreen shows at least one inch more of solid root growth compared to the plug on the right taken from the untreated area.

A portable probe accessory, designed to be used in one to three foot depths, is available for use in seriously compacted low lying problem areas and sand traps. It can be used to promote deeper root growth for trees.

Aerragreen is easy to operate. All controls are conveniently located on the walk behind unit. Air pressure and probe depth are adjustable depending upon soil conditions. The forward/reverse lever controls the speed with no shifting, and automatically returns to neutral when released.

The insertion of the polystyrene beads into the fissures and cracks creates a condition similar to potting soils used by garden centers and green houses to enhance denser root growth. The process is repeated every two to four feet, depending upon conditions. Aerragreen can treat up to 5,000 square feet per hour.

For more information contact:
John Morawiec, National Sales Manager, Terrapin, LTD.

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